Early Childhood Education and Preschool program play an important role in a person’s development. Cognitive and Social skills are important and Early Childhood Education helps to develop these skills. Children have a big imagination and are eager and willing to learn. Introducing children at an early age to learning, has a positive impact, not only in the early learning years but throughout their life. A study that was conducted called the Perry preschool study, found that children in a high-quality preschool program, not only performed better in school but overall in their life. Factors such as their graduation rates, crime rate, and IQ were studied, and the children that were part of the original study were frequently checked in on until they turned forty years old. Jean Piaget, who was a child psychologist and child development specialist defined the years between toddlerhood (18-24 months) and age 7 as preoperational.

During the preoperational stage, children are developing language and their imagination is developing. This is the perfect time to introduce children to a wide range of learning. Many preschool curriculums including HighScope and Creative Curriculum have their classrooms divided into “areas” or “centers.” The HighScope classroom is divided into areas such as block area, toy area, sensory table, art area, math area, book area, writing area, woodwork area, music and movement area, computer area, and outdoor area. This allows children the freedom of choice while helping develop experiences in many different areas. One of the key components in the HighScope curriculum is the plan, do, review. Children plan what area they want to “work” in and then after the one hour of uninterrupted work time is completed, then students review what they did. Children are practicing problem-solving skills while using a multitude of materials that they have access to. The areas are set up where all materials are at the children’s height and are labeled. This makes clean up time easier and allows children to see pictures of items. In the preschool programs in Golden, CO, there are many opportunities for children to develop their social, cognitive and intellect.

Children are able to develop their fine motor and large motor skills. Projects can be open-ended, which allows for greater creativity. Children are presented with materials and can do the Artwork of their choosing. It has been proven that children enrolled in a preschool program have better grades and a better attention span than children who have not attended preschool. Children who attend preschool have a sense of cooperation that is not as present in children who have not attended preschool. Children who attend ethnically diverse preschools are more accepting of others and value others, and are more inclusive in their later schooling years. The benefits of preschool programs golden co and throughout the United States are extremely valuable.

Children who attend preschool are more emotionally developed than children who do not. Children get a chance to interact and self-regulate with other peers their age. I would strongly encourage you to enroll your child in preschool, not only for their benefit now, but for their future.

Graduating from high school will bring on a lot of stress. It is at that point you will have to make a choice about what you will do with the rest of your life. Some people choose to go to military. Others make a choice to get a job. A large number of people that feel that they are not ready for the work world just yet will engage in going to college.

Higher education can help you earn a much higher salary. It can help you achieve much more in life as well. People that want to make themselves much more visible to employers should consider what comes with getting a college degree.

Starting Right Out of High School

Some people will delay their college education, but a lot of students will start right out of high school. They graduate and they want to look into different career choices. They go to school to study for the things that they would like to do. This gives them time to learn about the major and possibly change it if they find that they are not pleased with the type of course studies that they are engaging in.

Choosing A Major

One of the most difficult things for college students to do is pick a major. There are so many fields of study that people can go in when they go to college. There are some people that already have their mind set to work in certain field. Someone that is going to school to be a doctor or nurse may have always known that this is what they would do. There are others that have interest in a plethora of concepts, but they may not have any country idea of what is going to suit them best. These are going to be the people that benefit largely from getting into college courses where they can learn about different things. They may become intrigued by certain subjects that they were not aware of when they were in high school.

Online College

Everyone that makes the decision to go to college is not always going to adapt to physical classes and university life. There are online colleges for military students that may have decided to go into the military. This is a good thing because a student can have a job where they are working and still get their college degree at the same time. This is an interesting concept because it allows you to multitask and start earning money without getting such huge college student loans.

The Most Convenient Route

Everyone that decides to endeavor into college must make a decision for themselves about what is going to be the most convenient. There is a high level of convenience that comes with getting college classes online because you do not have to go to this location. There are some people, however, will find that they learn better when they get classroom instruction and study with groups of people from a physical class. It’s all about determining what is convenient for you.